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wwriteLite is a text editing application that allows you to create and save files from templates. wwriteLite is available supports iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. wwriteLite is full of features like templating, emailing, archiving, importing, and exporting files.

Your files are not kept on any servers, all of the files are local-only. If you want you can lock the files which will require either Face ID or Touch ID to unlock, which will prevent someone from being able to read your files.

With all of this you can select one of 46 different App icons, including a set of 8 icons from a pack called "Space". The "Space" icon set is an in-app purchase, and is $0.99. This is available by going to "Tools" -> "In-app Purchases".

wwriteLite requires iOS 16.4 it is free, but ad-based. The ads are first-party, meaning they do not rely on any other party to deliver the ads. The information that is tracked is described within the privacy policy. wwriteLite will also run on Macs running Apple Silicon, however it does not support alternate app icons.

Version 8.4.1 adds even more features like Markdown previewing, redesigned menus, updated change log and FAQs screens, and a redesigned Customize Template screen and even more. Check out the Change Log for a full list of changes.

wwriteLite is localized into English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. This localization extends to the ads as well.

wwriteLite version 8.4.1 includes two widgets, a "Writing Prompts" widget and a "One Word Prompt". You can read about them on the Prompts page.